UA - Senkou [2002]

Another Harakami post for your eyes only. To my knowledge, a proper first in the blogosphere™. Harakami  Rei produces this gem of a single  for UA who's a jpop singer with a characteristic 'haunting' vocal timbre. She's also pretty hot. 


1. Senkou - 6:09
2. Senkou (Rei Harakami Original Mix) - 6:07

UA - Senkou cover

vbr0 , d/l at comments

a hundred things on the re-up

Re-uploaded Los Sampler's, in vbr0 this time ^_^. Check comments for latest link.

Rei Harakami - Colors of the Dark [2006]

1 Intro 1:58
2 Sequence_01 8:43
3 Sequence_02 7:36
4 Sequence_03 4:02
5 Sequence_04 3:17
6 "Yami Ha Hikari No Haha" 2:21
Voice - Ikuko Harada
Written By [Lyrics] - Shuntaro Tanikawa
7 Outro

Rei released this album for a Planetarium. He's that cool.

mp3 vbr2 Check comments for d/l as usual.