Jürg Itten - Linda Mentioned [Tonus 2009]

Jürg taking a nap

In an overwhelming haze of hissing static, one would not expect to find that the backbone of it is built upon the sounds of a contra-bass. In Jurg Itten's album 'Linda Mentioned' we find just that and even more as well. Structure and form take a step to this side creating a path based on constant juxtaposition. The elements of this juxtaposition are simple; organic and inorganic.
However, the meandering and profoundly formless nature of the piece, only serve to create complexity. The contra-bass being the organic element played by Simone Schranz and remixer Benfay who brings dense static disintegration of the bass. Jurg Itten serves as a conductor and arranger, bringing a unique vision that serves to form the completeness of the record.
The songs, titled as 'particles' sporadically jump from one another. Sometimes with no lead in, creating a thick distinction of elements. Some are conjoined '1st particle & 2nd particle remix' fade into one another seamlessly as if it were natural for static to disappear. Whilst clarity arrives with the plucking of the bass. And within the bass arrangement slowly winding heavy notes are punctuated by glistening harmonics, creating another pleasurable contrast.
Though in writing it may seem strange. The diverse elements serve to reflect on their differences, creating a strange double sided ensemble that meets in harmony, only to break away once again. A perfect soundtrack for the imagination, close your eyes and dream away.

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