Bjorn Torske - Trobbel [Tellé 2001]

Bjørn Torske - Trøbbel [Tellé 2001]
I’ve never met Bjørn Torske (BT hereafter)… but if I ever bump heads with him, I’ll offer a firm butt-squeeze and the warmest embrace. For  a minimum of 5 minutes. Versatile does not even begin to describe the awesomeness that is BT; equally good on the chill-out room (those still exist?) and the dance-floor, he never fails to deliver his own brand of dubeardo-disco. He’s got a penchant for reverberated trills and the panoramic delay, unorthodox sound effects and samples (notice the guitar riff that smacks of Sonic Youth in Hard Trafikk among other things) but he knows just when to stop. My first encounter with his sound was through late 90s SVEK , on an evidently more housey tip. Trøbbel was the album that made me a believer, a proper showcase of BT’s spectrum. Without further ado, it’s back in the blogosphere after a long hiatus, in vbr0 (d/l link at comments).

1 Knekkebrød 
2 Bobla  
3 Hard Trafikk
4 Knas
5 Trøbbel På Taket  
6 Møhlenpris
7 Maurenes Marsj 
8 Oppi Ura
9 Vind & Regn
10 Don't Push Me 
11 Brus   
12 Westside Hotel (Featuring - Torbjørn Brundtland)

(brundtland went on to join Royksopp, poor sod)