In Memoriam Andrey Tarkovsky [Musica Excentrica 2008] - re-up

Musica Excentrica proud to present our new compiliation [2008 new - ed.] dedicated to most impressive film-directors of XX century - Andrey Tarkovsky.
In the entire history of cinema there has never been a director, who has made such a dramatic stand for the human spirit as he did. Today, when cinema seems to have drowned in a sea of glamorized triviality, when human relationships on screen have been reduced to sexual intrigue or sloppy sentimentality, and baseness rules the day - this man appears as a lone warrior standing in the midst of this cinematic catastrophe, holding up the banner for human spirituality.
The Genius of modern Russian cinema - hailed by Ingmar Bergman as “the most important director of our time” - died an exile in Paris in December 1986.
After 22 [24 - ed.] years, passed from that year we decided to ask Kim Cascone, Astro, Violet, 833-45, Kenneth Kirschner, Astrowind, Pink Twins, Alva Noto, Nobukazu Takemura [yeah! - ed.] and Nikita Golyshev what do they think about Tarkovsky’s phenomenon. This “musical answers” [sic] are now gathered in a big compiliation, and we invite everyone to explore it


01. Kim Cascone - The Little Apocrypha
02. Astro - The Dark Side of The Mirror
03. Violet - Xata
04. 833-45 - Marshlands
05. Kenneth Kirschner - October 30, 1993
06. Astrowind - Autumn Drifting
07. Pink Twins - Water
08. Alva Noto - Stalker
09. Nobukazu Takemura - In Memoriam Andrey Tarkovsky
10. Nikita Golyshev - Sphere

320kbps , download at comments. Uploaded cause it's  missing from the blogospear. Found in soulseek out of all places :) ! . Info on the now defunt Musica Excentrica netlabel on Nikita Golyshev's vanity site: